Sunday, April 25, 2010

We Joined Global Information Network!

We've joined a private club (Global Information Network) where Kevin Trudeau is the spokes person for the membership.

They are teaching the Law of Attraction -- as it has been taught to the children of the Rich, wealthy and royalty.

It is backed by 30 or more multi-billionaires and millionaires. They are interested in humanitarian projects. They could just retire and live a life of luxury, but they are choosing to help self motivated people like you and me.

KT is a multi-billionaire because he was invited into a similar secret private club at 12-15 years old. Years later after he was well on his way to becoming a billionaire, he dropped out of that secret brotherhood because he wanted to make a beneficial change to the world and the group is sharing these secret teachings with more their members... They support the financial development of the members.

They have a 14 CD set as starter training from a $10,000 seminar in the Swiss Alps. It was held in a private residence where it took 200 employees to run the home. These people are way beyond the TV program -- Homes of the Rich and Famous!!! They are secret people and they want to help us! We need to think bigger and clean up our stinking thinking.

Roi and I bought the14 CD's of "Your Wish Is Your Command" for $300 and have listened to them 5 times... and we plan on listening to them another 10 times.

We have also joined the club -- Global Information Network! We'll be happy to help you also.

You will be supported, you can be a millionaire or more with these people behind you. They want a great 2012 with all of us up to speed in thinking right and manifesting the freedom we all desire...

Note: We now have the CD's for sale for $115 shipping included in the USA...
Tel 360-748-4426


  1. These 14 CD's ( Your wish is Your Command) are life changing.

    1. The Abraham-Hicks info is good too. "Abraham" is a group of 100 or more non-physical beings that have lived thousands of lifetimes to teach us the laws of the universe and their wisdom is beyond words. The GIN CD package is excellent too. I like to do both. The GIN info is a little more down to earth so to speak probably b/c it's coming from people that are here w/us & not non-physical beings. Depends on the mood I'm in which I prefer. In a nutshell all of this stuff comes down to our moods. You get according to your mood. The challenge is increasing ones mood.